Digital world

Why websites needs SEO?

• Thousands of websites are launching every day. They may have good design, good functionality, good purpose, but 95% of them utterly fail to fulfill their purpose, because of poor online visibility.

• All website are releasing their versions without having search engine optimization techniques. Finally the more you use SEO techniques. The more you get good rankings.

What is SEO ?

‘’The process of configuring the Web content in order to gain the highest potential rankings for a given search engine’’.

The Search Engine Optimization Services are of two parts, On Page SEO and Off Page SEO or so called Organic Link Building. Onpage seo techniques.

Our SEO package includes::

• Web analytics -- Measurement, Collection, Analysis and Reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage.

• Keyword analysis -- The process of determining which keywords are best suited for users to find your site. There are various tools that can be used as part of a keyword analysis.

• Web Page Optimization – Optimizing web pages for better Search Engine rankings.

• Site Quality Check – Checking the quality of your site in terms of SEO.

• Competitive Analysis – Analyzing your competitors, their competency levels and yours in comparison to them.

• Content Development – We modify your site’s content (if necessary) and create SEO-friendly content with the right set of keywords.

• Search Engine Submission – We submit your website manually to all important and renowned Search Engines.

• Sitemap Creation and Submission – A sitemap is crucial from the point of view of Search Engines as it contains data about the main content in the site. A sitemap makes it easy for Search Engine robots to read the content in your site. We create sitemap for your site and submit it to important Search Engines.

• Mod Rewrite / Search Engine Friendly URLs – We scrutinize your site’s URLs and rewrite them, if necessary, to make them more Search Engine friendly.

• Link Building Campaigns – We create effective Link Building Campaigns to get worthy back links for your site from related, reputed and better-ranking websites.